About Us


Kilcoy Wesleyan Methodist Church is a small (but growing and alive), and welcoming Church.  Our main mission is to get out into the Community and give back to the Community.  We know there are people out there who have been hurt by Churches.  That’s not the way it should be and we are here to show Christ’s love back to people in our Community.


Hi, my name is Ken Rutherford.  My wife (Janette and our two children moved to Kilcoy in 2011 when we felt God calling us out here.  To see God’s work at getting us out here was a miracle – you will have to ask me about it sometime.


Our activities include Youth Group; Bible Studies; Prayer Meetings.  We run a BBQ once every two months and donate the proceeds back to a Local Community Group.  Last year we helped support – Hospital Auxilliary; SES.  (We also ran a BBQ that raised funds for Drought Aid).  We also have a Care Cupboard that we help people in need with small food parcels.

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